“A biosphere is the place on earth’s surface where life dwells. (Eduard Suess 1875)”

The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve is a place where humans, animals and plants co-exist in harmony with each other. It covers an area approximately the size of the Cape Peninsula , home to some 1650 plant species of which 77 occur nowhere else.

Welcome to the Biosphere Breaker Way!

These are extraordinary hiking experiences along the rugged South-Western coastline of South Africa. Join us as we expose the unique beauty of South Africa’s fynbos, sea life and the history of the area on a guided tour through the mountains and along the coastline. If you love the outdoors, walking and learning more about the uniqueness of this area, this is an ideal holiday for you.

All you carry is a light day pack. Your luggage will be transferred to your next guest house. We walk at an easy pace which allows us plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent scenery and the experience.

We encourage you to form your own party and to book as a group. The optimum group size is 8 people (with 2 people sharing a room). The minimum group size is 6 people. If you have fewer than 6 people, we will list you as a small group and will try to help get the required number of people by joining two smaller groups.

The guest houses are primarily geared for couples sharing rooms and their accommodation is limited with respect to twin beds in double rooms. So, if you are a single gender group, or need twin beds, please inform us so that we can make your reservations at appropriate guest houses.

For more information please check the different walks details or contact us using the contact details at the bottom of the page or the Contact Us page.

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